Dr. Cher Han Lau

Dr. Cher Han Lau
Aaron Goh


Dr. Cher Han Lau is chief data scientist, and currently the CEO of LEAD, an institution that provides programs on data science, full stack web development, and digital marketing. We also provide in-house consultancy and training for universities and corporates such as Intel, OCBC, Standard Chartered, HP Enterprise, Shell and Heineken. 

Previously he co-founded and served as CTO for JoinHappen.com and Heroboyfriend. My expertise is in machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP). He develops full-stack web applications on multiple platforms and speaks multiple human and programming language. 

He was the Microsoft Office Expert World Champion for Excel, and He received full scholarships for my Masters and PhD. My other specialities include: 

- Well-versed in programming languages: JavaScript, Python, C#, etc.
- Experienced in web frameworks: MEAN Stack, ASP.NET, Python Django.
- Good command of language in English, Chinese, Bahasa and Chinese dialects: Hokkien, Teochew, and Cantonese. 

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