Yuhwen Foong

Yuhwen Foong
Yuhwen Foong


Formerly an equity research analyst and an aspiring actress, Yuh Wen has worked through multiple tech based startups in Singapore. These startups in its various stages have gone on to become some of the most successful startups in Asia today. Her involvement in startups started early in 2011, when she was a business analyst at Cradle Fund, an agency under the Ministry of Finance that offers grants to tech startups in Malaysia for conceptualisation and commercialisation. In October 2015, she made the decision to startup on her own based on a problem she wanted to solve for herself. The result of which is SushiVid, a platform that helps brands to find, hire and work with social media influencers for marketing campaigns at scale. The business have since helped thousands of influencers to obtain sponsorships from brands from all over Southeast Asia

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